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Salaried GP job in Manchester

Vacancy has expired

Manchester , Greater Manchester
Job Ref BBMC08
Post Code M16 7WW
162-164 Chorlton Rd, Stretford, Manchester M16 7WW, UK (Show on map)
Main Category General jobs for Doctors
Subcategory Other General jobs for Doctors
Contract Type Permanent Full-Time
Salary non disclosed
Salary Band £50,000 - £59,999
Hours per week 6-8 sessions
Fax 0161 232 9963
Employer Type Direct Employer


Job Description

Salaried GP

Job Summary:

To provide primary care medical services to patients of the practice.

BBMC has a commitment to excellent patient care and quality improvement. It is expected that all of our GPs are actively committed to supporting these aims.

The postholder will report to the Lead GP Dr L Grant.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Following Practice policies, protocols and guidelines, duties will include:


• Provide General/Personal Medical Services to the patients of BBMC (on any site as required).

• Work supportively alongside clinical and administrative colleagues in ensuring the highest standard of care for all Practice patients, including covering for absent colleagues.

• Maintain accurate, contemporaneous and correctly coded records to relevant professional and Practice standards and guidelines.

Teaching and Training:

• Participate in teaching and training should the practice choose to get involved in medical education in the future.

• Participate in the induction of new staff, students and other attached professionals as necessary.

• Receive review and appraisal within the Practice, and training as necessary to update skills and knowledge.

• Participate in the educational and training events of the Practice.


• Communicate effectively with clinical and non-clinical colleagues to ensure the smooth running of the practices.

• Liaise with our colleagues in Primary Care, community services, hospitals, and other agencies (such as local authority, social services and voluntary agencies) to ensure appropriate care is provided for patients.

• Communicate effectively with patients and carers, recognising their needs for alternative methods of communication.

• Demonstrate sensitive communication styles to ensure patients are fully informed and consent to treatment.

• Communicate difficult, often unpleasant or sensitive, messages to patients and families.

• Act as an advocate when representing patients and colleagues.

• Participate in meetings as required, including CCG meetings, practice meetings and others.


• Recognise and work within own competence and the professional code of conduct for doctors as set out by the General Medical Council.

• Follow Practice policies, including Security and Information Governance.

• Deliver administrative tasks promptly and efficiently.

• Prioritise, organise and manage own workload in a manner that maintains and promotes quality.

• Deliver care to NICE guidelines, NHS/CCG policy and evidence-based care.

• Assess effectiveness of care delivery through self and peer review, benchmarking and formal evaluation.

• Utilise the audit cycle as a means of evaluating the quality of work, implementing improvements where required.

• Participate in quality improvement initiatives, including Significant Event Analysis, peer review and the review of patient complaints.

• Cooperate fully and openly with the investigation of patient complaints (or other investigations), including drafting responses to complaints as appropriate.

• Support and work towards the achievement of national standards (e.g. Quality and Outcomes Framework), local NHS/CCG standards and Practice standards.

• Participate in CCG commissioning initiatives and programmes as required.

• Support the aims and objectives of BBMC and contribute to its ongoing development as required.


• Work as an effective and responsible team member, supporting other members of clinical and non-clinical staff in a flexible and approachable manner.

• Understand own role and scope within the organisation and identify how this may develop over time.

• Participate in team activities that create opportunities to improve patient care.

• Ensure clear understanding and utilisation of services and referral mechanisms and policies to meet patient need.

• Participate in and support local projects or areas of work as agreed with the management team, taking the lead as requested.

Responsibility for Information Resources:

• Keep clear, contemporaneous patient records according to good practice guidelines; review, enter and process data using accurate Read codes and good record structure in order to ensure easy and accurate information retrieval for medico-legal, monitoring, financial and audit processes.

• Understand and follow the requirements of confidentiality (including the Data Protection Act) and the Freedom of Information Act and refer on any queries as appropriate.

• Follow Practice policy regarding the use of email and computer tasks as the main internal method of non-verbal communication and the use of the intranet and the internet as the main source of internal and external information, including the retrieval of relevant information for patients on their condition.

Equality and diversity

• Act in ways that recognise the importance of people’s rights, interpreting them in a way that is consistent with procedures.

• Respect the privacy, dignity and beliefs of patients, carers, visitors and co-workers. They must be treated equally, irrespective of gender, ethnic origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, etc.

• Follow the Practice chaperoning policy.

• Be aware of statutory procedures, local guidance and referral criteria regarding protection of children and vulnerable adults, including Practice policies. Follow the guidance and policies and take action in an appropriate manner.

Health, Safety And Security:

• Apply infection control measures according to local and national guidelines.

• Use the personal security systems within the workplace according to Practice guidelines.

• Assess risk within the areas of responsibility, ensuring adequate measures are in place to protect staff and patients.

• Follow Health and Safety Policies and guidelines, including fire procedures, lone working and those pertaining to clinical areas of risk. Use safe working procedures and report incidents using the incident reporting system.

• Monitor work areas and practices to ensure they are safe and free from hazards and conform to health, safety and security legislation, policies, procedures and guidelines.


• Give good and regular attendance.

• Maintain a tidy and organised work area.

• Any other duty as requested, including covering for absent colleagues.

The following is subject to change at the discretion of the Practice. The continuing development of the Practice will influence ongoing changes in work patterns, and some flexibility is necessary.

Sessions, Rotas etc

GPs are expected to contribute to the working of the Practice in whatever way is necessary, and some flexibility is required.

The week will be made up of a number of clinical sessions and these will include surgeries, prescriptions, visits, clinics, meetings and administration.

Extended Opening Hours:

The practice offers extended hours. GPs are expected to participate in the delivery of extended hours.

GPs will be required to take part in any future commitment that the Practice makes to extended opening hours, which may include evening and/or weekend, although there are no current plans to further extend opening.

Out of Hours:

BBMC has opted out of out of hours provision and this is done by Mastercall from 6:30pm to 8am and at weekends.

Non-NHS Services:

The Practice carries out most of the usual additional services for its patients and the postholder will take part in this. Any monies earned in this way are payable to the Practice. Such services include government reports and examinations, insurance reports, legal reports, medical reports, private prescriptions and travel medicine.

This job description is subject to periodic review and amendment in consultation with the post-holder in the light of changing circumstances.

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